Witness Preparation


TM Consulting will transform your clients into excellent witnesses. We provide witnesses with the tools and confidence to relate to the jury in a credible and likeable manner. 
When the jury believes and trusts your clients, they will reward you with a favorable verdict.

Witnesses who are coached by Tracy will:


Witness Preparation Process

1. Review Documents

TM Consulting will review documents to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the case. (Complaint, Declarations, Answers to Interrogatories, Motions.)

2. Meet with Attorneys

TM Consulting will meet with the attorneys, without the witness present, to better understand the theory of the case as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

3. Meet with Witness

TM Consulting will meet with the witness (with or without the attorneys) to go over courtroom procedures, rules, expected demeanor, communications with the attorneys, body language and dress.

4. Coach Witness

TM Consulting will coach the witness while they are practicing answers on direct and cross examination with the attorneys.

5. Deposition

TM Consulting will communicate with the witness as the deposition and trial date near to continue to build their confidence.

6. Trial

TM Consulting may be available to attend trial to consult with the attorneys by request.

About Tracy Miller

Tracy is a former prosecutor with over 25 years of trial experience. She has completed over 80 jury trials along with hundreds of court trials and hearings. Tracy has helped many witnesses strengthen their testimony during depositions, jury trials and court hearings which resulted in positive verdicts. 

Tracy has the unique ability to consult with witnesses and their attorneys to decipher the qualities that make them relatable, while teaching them to communicate those attributes during their testimony.

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