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"I hired Tracy to assist with a promotional interview for a management position. Tracy immediately made me feel comfortable in talking about myself, something that I really struggle with. I felt as if I was talking to an old friend, although I had just met her. Tracy’s technique for getting a client through the interview process with confidence, professionalism, and poise is remarkable, and I felt 100% assurance as I left the interview room. With Tracy, you not only will have a coach, but a trusted friend for life."

Patricia Flinn, Police Records Manager, Garden Grove Police

"A high ranking member of my department suggested I visit Tracy years ago and I didn’t, I thought I knew better. I bombed the next promotional testing process. I finally went to see Tracy and she rocked my world, I was at the top of the Sergeant list. She was worth every penny and I have suggested her to many co-workers. I will definitely see her again in the future."

Brian Gray, Seal Beach Police Department

"Tracy is an exceptional person, professional development coach and mentor that helps you bring out the best in you. Her approach for preparing you for the next level, is 'hands down' one of the best in the business. If you want to have the best opportunity for professional growth and success, Tracy Miller is your coach!"

Steven Romero, Chief of Police Ontario Police Department-Oregon

"In 40 years with the Angels and 2 years in Cooperstown, I was privileged to be around a lot of collections of great talent and teams. But I don’t think any of them match the grouping of people, the skill set, and the character that you contribute to. There’s a great quote from Jackie Robinson, one of many that he had, where he said, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on others.” And there are few people that I know and have come across that that truism fits to the degree that it does to Tracy. I’ve always admired and respected her approach."

Tim Mead, Former Angels Vice President of Communication & Former President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame

"Tracy is a bridge builder. She builds bridges and allow people to come across the things you are working on and are passionate about in a way that accomplishes so much more than any of us could on our own."

Jason Williams, Pastor, Saddleback Church

"Tracy, I truly don’t believe there are any words other than “absolutely incredible” to summarize the amount of lives you have changed. You work hard to develop the future leaders in law enforcement and public safety. Because anything less than perfection would never do in your book, and we all appreciate that."

Tom McKenzie, Placenta Police Sergeant

"Tracy, you have had such an amazing career and you performed it with such tremendous integrity and grace. Thank you for being a great leader and mentor."

Dan Hughes, Disney Director of Homeland Security

"I look at you like a pioneer. Not only with your career at the District Attorney’s office, but in the programs, you brought to our county that have impacted so many people."

Bob Dunn, Fullerton Police Chief

"I want to talk about the words I’ve heard describing you already. Passionate. Energetic. Character. They all perfectly describe Tracy."

Stu Greenberg, Tustin Police Chief

"Character. You are by far number 1 when it comes to character. When they say everyone is replaceable, I disagree. Some people come along, they’ll do a good job, but they’re not Tracy Miller."

Tom Kisela, Retired Orange Police Chief

"Tracy, as I think about you and your contributions…when people look at your career and the legacy you left, it’s going to be about the people you impact."

Rob Kaffl's, General Manager- Marketing, Sales & Services, Ford Motor Company

“Tracy’s coaching is priceless. Even after 25 years of service I tend to struggle with the testing and interview process. Tracy gave the very best of herself to reveal my true potential and took the mystery out of the promotional process. If I decide to promote again, Tracy will be my first call!”

Chad Keen, Sergeant Fullerton Police Department

"Tracy is a true champion for so many youths, so many families, so many police officers, so many probation officers, and it is a testament of your service to the community. You give your all to ensure the best is always in front of you."

Steve Sentmen, Orange County Probation Chief

"It can't be measured, the lives you have changed. I look at the huge impact that you had on law enforcement itself with your leadership training. You changed Lieutenant John Reynolds’ life. John had a very hard time promoting and then met Tracy. He would never have been a lieutenant if Tracy hadn't gotten a hold of him. The impact you have made on the leadership in our organization is endless and we have people here today that would never have made it without you."

Tom DaRe, Garden Grove Police Chief

I highly recommend Tracy to anyone preparing for a promotional process. I began working with Tracy prior to my promotional assessment center last fall. Tracy’s program was instrumental in my preparation and ultimate success. Tracy was wonderful to work with and her program was up to date with the current trends in Law Enforcement. She offered a unique perspective on interviewing techniques which shaped my entire approach to the process. I have recommended Tracy to many of my colleagues and I look forward to working with her again soon.

Loren Bledsoe

Thank you, Tracy, for all of your time and commitment into preparing for my promotional process. Having tested twice before, I know for a fact that your coaching is what prepared me to be successful resulting in my promotion to battalion Chief!

Nick Colonelli, Anaheim Fire

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