Tracy Miller uses her persuasive skills as a trial attorney to assist hundreds of professionals transform their lives and careers. Presented here is a bounty of testimonials she has received from a variety of clients.

Don Barnes
“What I love most about Tracy is my favorite quality in leadership — leading with tremendous humility. Things are never about her; they are always about the people whom she touches, lifts, and helps create an environment for others to be successful.”

— Sheriff Don Barnes, Orange County Sheriff's Department

Tim Mead
“In 40 years with the Angels and 2 years in Cooperstown, I was privileged to be around a lot of collections of great talent and teams. But I don’t think any of them match the grouping of people, the skill set, and the character that Tracy contributes to. There’s a great quote from Jackie Robinson, one of many that he had, where he said, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on others.” And there are few people that I know and have come across that truism fits to the degree that it does to Tracy. I’ve always admired and respected her proactive approach instead of a reactive approach.”

— Tim Mead, Former Angels Vice President of Communication & Former President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Anabel Romero
“We hired Tracy to host a leadership summit for approximately 130 supervisors, managers, and executives. Tracy’s workshops on reconnecting with our purpose, value of collaboration and improving communication was exceptional. Tracy is dynamic, engaging, and has the ability to connect with her audience in a meaningful way. Our team of leaders left the workshop invigorated and hungry for more workshops. If you are looking for a speaker for your team, Tracy is your top choice.”

— Anabel Romero, Court Executive Officer, San Bernardino Superior Court

Lorenzo Glenn
“I sat on several oral boards over the years. I've seen candidates fail and re-interview the following year. Those candidates that have worked with Tracy were completely prepared and are now promoted. I worked with Tracy after seeing the results firsthand. Working with Tracy as my promotional interview coach has been an invaluable experience. Her insights, guidance, and tailored approach were instrumental in helping me prepare effectively and present my best self during the interview process. Tracy's expertise not only boosted my confidence but also provided me with the tools to excel. I'm truly grateful for her support, and I attribute a significant part of my success to her coaching.”

— Captain Lorenzo Glenn, Anaheim Police Department

Dr. Lisa DeForest
“Tracy is an amazing facilitator. She has helped us with negotiation styles as well as conflict resolution. She does it in a way that is non-threatening and inviting for everyone to participate.”

— Dr. Lisa DeForest, Mayor of Murrieta

Jen Contini
“I have seen Tracy excel in everything she does. She is an exceptional trial attorney. She’s a zealous advocate who is always professional, ethical, and the most prepared attorney in the courtroom. What motivates Tracy? Because if you’ve been coached by her, which I think most of us have, that’s one of her many gems and strategies, you must know what people’s motivation cards are if you’re trying to persuade them or lead them or talk to them. So, what motivates Tracy? Why is she so inspiring? And it’s her character. The only thing that motivates her is to do the right thing.”

— Jen Contini, Anaheim Assistant City Attorney

Will Deplitch
“I hired Tracy to help me prepare for my captain's promotional exam. Preparing me for the oral interviews were a small portion of what she achieved. Tracy was a confidant, a mentor and friend She is committed to her clients’ success. I cannot recommend Tracy enough.”

— Captain Will Deplitch, Hayward Police Department

Dennis Wardle
“Tracy helped me prepare for the sergeant’s exam. She took me step by step through the entire process and gave me a detailed plan to follow specifically catered to me. She has a passion for truly helping people with their goals. What I loved most about Tracy is that she is as committed to your goals as you are and has a contagious positive energy that helps you stay focused throughout your journey. I highly recommend Tracy if you’re looking to advance to that next level.”

— Sergeant Dennis Wardle, Garden Grove Police Department

Brian Gray
“A high-ranking member of my department suggested I visit Tracy years ago and I didn’t, I thought I knew better. I bombed the next promotional testing process. I finally went to see Tracy and she rocked my world; I was at the top of the Sergeant list. She was worth every penny, and I have suggested her to many co-workers. I will see her again in the future.”

— Sergeant Brian Gray, Seal Beach Police Department

Maria Villegas
“I cannot say enough about Tracy. She is kind, motivating and she made me realize my potential. Tracy helped me with my Lieutenant interview, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. Tracy is a genuine person I have recommended her to my partners and will continue to do so. Tracy is the best of the best! She made me feel comfortable telling my story and gave me the confidence I needed. I highly recommend Tracy and look forward to working with her in the future! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

— Lieutenant Maria Villegas, Downey Police Deaprtment

Emiline Nada
“Tracy Miller’s presentation today at Elevate Women’s Conference was incredible. Her delivery, engaging stories, visuals, and activities kept the participants laughing, crying, and inspired. She is dynamic and a must have at every conference!”

— Emeline Noda, Director, City of Los Alamitos

Stu Greenburg
“I want to talk about the words I’ve heard describing her; passionate, energetic and character. They all perfectly describe Tracy.”

— Chief Stu Greenburg, Tustin Police Department

Jorge Cisneros
“Tracy’s career with the DA’s office was extremely impressive. She has earned the respect of numerous individuals. It’s because she is savvy, capable and a heartwarming individual.”

— Chief Jorge Cisneros, Anaheim Police Department

Steve Sentman
“Tracy is a true champion for so many youths, so many families, so many police officers, so many probation officers, and it is a testament of her service to the community. She gave her all to ensure the best is always in front of you.”

— Steve Sentman, Orange County Probation Chief

Steve Stakely
“Tracy is a presentation coach, and motivational speaker. She makes her audience laugh and cry and inspires them to make position changes in their lives. She will empower your group to work together for successful results. She has an understanding of what it takes to help people dream and give them hope. We strongly recommend her as speaker for your next event.”

— Steve Stakely, Boeing Aerospace

Patricia Flinn
“I hired Tracy to assist with a promotional interview for a management position. Tracy immediately made me feel comfortable in talking about myself, something that I really struggle with. I felt as if I was talking to an old friend, although I had just met her. Tracy’s technique for getting a client through the interview process with confidence, professionalism, and poise is remarkable, and I felt 100% assurance as I left the interview room. With Tracy, you not only will have a coach, but a trusted friend for life.”

— Police Records Manager Patricia Flinn, Garden Grove Police Department

Terra Ramirez
“Tracy is an absolute blessing who was truly an inspiration in helping me prepare for my Sergeant oral interview. She has a unique ability to bring out the best in you. Tracy's passion is contagious and her gift of knowledge in the field to provide her clients' professional growth and success is hands-down the best!!! I could not have been more prepared, confident, and relaxed than I was. Tracy is not only a charismatic, heart-felt speaker, but a passionate mentor and most importantly a genuine true friend.”

— Sergeant Terra Ramirez, Garden Grove Police Department

Eric Starna
“It took me some time to put into words a quote about Tracy because my experience with her was so memorable. Not only did she help me earn the position I was applying for, but she taught me so much during my time with her. She truly cares about you as a person, well beyond the job or position you are applying for. She is someone who motivates you, helps you to excel far beyond what you would on your own. You will gain a friend in Tracy who will continue to be there for you in the present and in the future. I would highly recommend reaching out to Tracy if you are ready to take that next step in your career.”

— Commander Eric Starna, Santa Paula Police Department

Julie Dixon
“I couldn’t be more impressed with Tracy. Today she delivered the keynote speech at the California Public Parking Association Conference, and she was amazing. Everyone is saying, “Best keynote speaker ever” and I get props for recommending her. She was inspirational, touching, funny and just amazing. I am so glad she was able to present today. She has accomplished so much and she’s just unbelievable.”

— Julie Dixon, National Parking Association

Francisco Mellone
“Tracy’s exceptional coaching services played a pivotal role in helping me secure my dream job. Her guidance, support, and insightful advice throughout the process were truly invaluable. I felt well-prepared and confident during interviews. I am beyond thankful for the positive impact she had on my career journey. Thank you, Tracy, once again for being an outstanding coach and mentor.”

— Francisco Mellone, Caltrans Engineer

Joseph Ledoux
“Tracy is an incredible coach who both encourages and empowers her clients to recognize their strengths. She has a very natural and organic method of coaching clients. Each session built on the prior session, which culminated in me having the best promotional interviews of my career. Her coaching led to my successful interviews with an offer at the end of our sessions!”

— Captain Joseph Ledoux, Los Altos Police Department

Deena Lee
“Hiring Tracy Miller was the smartest decision I made as Fire Chief. She coached me with public speaking skills and communication with City Council. She held several workshops and aided in the development of my staff. Tracy was key in improving the relationship between the administration and the firefighter’s association. I highly recommend her services.”

— Chief Deena Lee, El Segundo Fire Department

Frank Nunes
“I thought I was pretty good at the promotional process and enjoyed some success in the past; however, with Tracy's help, I took it to another level and never looked back!”

— Chief Frank Nunes, Buena Park Police Department

Ryan Allee
“Tracy’s superior workshops hit on the hot topics affecting today’s public safety, staffing issues, low morale, burnout and much more. She understands the importance of facing these issues head on and gives insight on how to work through them to build stronger healthier relationships.”

— Battalion Chief Ryan Allee, El Segundo Fire Department

Joe Davenport
“I cannot thank Tracy enough for all the guidance and interview techniques she shared with me during the Sergeant promotional process! Because of her guidance and expertise, I was able to organize my thoughts and produce the best product of myself. It was reassuring to have her on my side and always being positive and giving me that confidence. I will recommend her services to anyone that wants to get promoted! Because of her I am being promoted to the rank of Sergeant!”

— Sergeant Joe Davenport, Buena Park Police Department

Nicholas Colonelli
“Tracy put her time and commitment into preparing for my promotional process. Having tested twice before, I know for a fact that her coaching is what prepared me to be successful resulting in my promotion to Battalion Chief!”

— Battalion Fire Chief Nicholas Colonelli, Anaheim Fire Department

Rodney Klassen
“Tracy was absolutely a huge help in preparing me for my interview! I highly recommend her to others who are interviewing. I feel lucky to have worked with her.”

— Rodney Klassen, Tulare County District Attorney's Investigator

David Valentin
“I think of courage. I think of internal fortitude. And demonstrating that. In our various industries, we talk about it. In our private lives, we talk about it. But then there is demonstrating it. And Tracy, is the epitome of that.”

— Chief Dave Valentin, Santa Ana Police Department

Dan Adams
“Tracy asked me to speak at a Ford event and afterwards, we barely knew each other, and she said, ‘You’re going to be Chief someday’” And I said ‘Yeah, right.’ Then I utilized Tracy Motivates for a couple promotions and here I am sitting in this office right now. I must thank Tracy for that. The impact she has made on so many lives, at so many levels, whether it was police officers, DA’s, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, the Angels, Ford, and all the kids, obviously... is so amazing.”

— Chief Dan Adams, Orange Police Department

Tom Kisela
“Character. Tracy is by far #1 when it comes to character. When they say everyone is replaceable, I disagree. Some people come along, they’ll do a good job, but they’re not Tracy Miller.”

— Tom Kisela, Orange City Manager

Tom DaRe
“It can’t be measured; the lives Tracy has changed. I look at the huge impact that she had on law enforcement itself with her leadership training. She changed Lieutenant John Reynolds' life. John had a hard time promoting and then he met Tracy. He would never have been a lieutenant if Tracy hadn’t got a hold of him. The impacts she has made on the leadership in our organization is endless and we have people here today that would have never made it without her.”

— Chief Tom DaRe, Garden Grove Police Department

Dan Hughes
“Tracy had such an amazing career and she performed it with such tremendous integrity and grace. Thank you, Tracy, for being a great leader and mentor.”

— Dan Hughes, Disney Vice President

Tom McKenzie
“I truly don’t believe there are any words other than “absolutely incredible” to summarize the number of lives Tracy has changed. She worked hard to develop the future leaders in law enforcement and public safety. Because anything less than perfection would never go in her book, and we all appreciate that.”

— Sergeant Tom McKenzie, Placentia Police Department

Drew Lofquist
“Tracy Miller is a game changer! Her energy and methodology is key to her incredible ability to get your mind right for the promotional process. With her help, I was able to highlight so many experiences that I had simply glazed over in past processes. Stand out above the rest and go with Tracy!”

— DSergeant Drew Lofquist, Downey Police Department

Marivick Mamiit
“As a female in law enforcement looking to advance my career, I was blessed to find Tracy Miller in my corner. Tracy's expertise in interview coaching coupled with her contagious and incomparable positive energy and motivation gave me the strength and confidence I needed to tap into my potential and showcase my skills and fortitude as a leader. The skills and lessons she teaches transcends the workplace and permeates into every aspect of your life making you a more adaptable, resilient, and well-rounded person. She has guided me through some of the most difficult challenges a female in law enforcement or any other industry could face. She is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, relatable, talented, fierce, and motivating female leaders I've ever met. Tracy Miller is a necessity for any person or organization looking to make positive change and improvement.”

— Sergeant Marivick Mamiit, Los Angeles School Police Department

Carol Fawcett
“Today we had the honor of listening to Tracy who reminded our team that everyone writes their own success story by believing in ourselves, never giving up, and embracing and finding the positive and humor in life. Tracy with passion and enthusiasm pulled us in using her own personal stories as she gracefully transitioned from topic to topic. She is a charismatic powerful speaker who had us laughing one minute and in tears the next. Uplifting, motivating and inspiring! We are revitalized!”

— Carol Fawcett, Executive Director and CIO, Dell/Dell Software

Jill Kuli
“Tracy’s performance was exceptionally fabulous!” That was my exact feelings after her presentation to our Chapter P.E.O. sisters after wiping my tears from thoughts and laughter, too. After our meeting and the past couple of days, so many of the sisters made comments like, 'Tracy was the very best speaker we have ever had.' and 'Wow!' I would love to have her speak to our women’s group at church.”

— Jill Kuli, PEO Villa Park

Cristie Steffy
“Tracy’s presentation was totally different than what I expected. She was very insightful, inspirational and a good reminder to take that pause and re-center. She is a powerful woman with all kinds of success and shared her struggles and vulnerabilities. Tracy’s presentation had an impact on me and others who attended. I loved the story of struggle to success, and it was confirmation for me that I can be that kind of woman too.”

— Cristie Steffy, Director of SWAPTA

Kenny Craig“Tracy’s coaching is unparalleled. She sets a strategy from day one, that allows the client to merely fill in the blanks. After the blanks are filled in, she works with you to precisely polish the message and delivery. I have been involved in the interview process countless times as well as teach a workshop in interviewing and I have never walked into the room more confident and prepared as I did working with Tracy.”

— Sergeant Kenny Craig, Hawthorne Police Department

Eric Anderson
“In any promotional process, we seek the opportunity and challenge, a situation we put ourselves in and not forced into. Therefore, why not put in the extra work to stand out? The oral panel(s) you will be in front of expect perfection from you on game day, and Tracy will get you to stand out and apply the correct answers to any question. Her experience in so many professional and private firms will give you the benefit of using communication skills and techniques to get you promoted, guaranteed! Thank you, Tracy, for helping me achieve my goals. Because of your coaching and guidance, you are the reason I ended up #1 on the Sergeant promotional list.”

— Eric Anderson, Anaheim Police Department Sergeant

Sarkis Ohannessian
“Tracy’s exceptional ability to connect with people is truly remarkable. Her compassionate nature creates a safe and welcoming environment, which helps her to guide individuals toward successful outcomes skillfully. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking transformative and effective team building.”

— Sarkis Ohannessian, Deputy Chief, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department