Interview Coaching That Gets Results

TM consulting has coached executives, judges, law enforcement command staff, fire command staff, attorneys, and city managers get to the career of their dreams. Tracy’s clients have an 87% success rate of ranking #1 in the career promotion process.

Personal One-on-One Interview Coaching

Tracy Miller with police officers

  • Review of client’s resume and background
  • Assessment of client’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Networking plan
  • Evaluation of interview panel
  • Plan for inside assessment
  • Opening and closing for interview
  • Learning a formula to answer interview questions
  • Practicing responses to interview questions
  • Practicing answers to scenario-based questions
  • Receiving an outline for critical incident scenarios
  • Receiving an outline for community panel
  • Coaching introductions, non-verbal communication and dress suggestions
  • Fully preparing for interview panels in the promotional process

Interview Coaching Clients Speak Out

Dan Adams

“Tracy asked me to speak at an event and afterwards, she said, ‘You’re going to be Chief someday’” And I said ‘Yeah, right.’ Then I utilized Tracy Motivates for a couple promotions and here I am sitting in this office right now. I must thank Tracy for that.”

Maria Villegas

“I cannot say enough about Tracy. She is kind, motivating and she made me realize my potential. Tracy helped me with my Lieutenant interview, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. She made me feel comfortable telling my story and gave me the confidence I needed.”

Nicholas Colonelli

“Tracy put her time and commitment into preparing for my promotional process. Having tested twice before, I know for a fact that her coaching is what prepared me to be successful resulting in my promotion to Battalion Chief!”

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Conquer the Fear of Presentations and Promotional Interviews

The fear of public speaking is the greatest fear of human beings. A skilled communicator exudes confidence. This free guide is a powerful tool designed to strengthen presentation styles of law enforcement leaders, improve the manner they communicate, and build a plan and practice overcoming this fear.

Conquer the Fear of Presentations and Promotional Interviews

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