“If you know what you are worth…then go get what you are worth!” – Rocky Balboa

I hope that you take a minute to watch this video.  I share it with my clients, whether I am presenting a command staff communications training, coaching on strategic planning with City Council and DA’s Offices or providing presentation and interview coaching. 

Remember what you are worth and go get it!

Use the below tips to help you prepare for your next presentation.

Persuasive Communication transforms organizations.



Excellent speakers have a clear message, know why they are speaking, and how to incorporate their message as a theme throughout their presentation.  The message is the entire reason you are speaking and should be brief. After your presentation, everyone in the room should be able to re-tell you your message.

Write your message down. 


Think about your audience.  This may be the most important step in preparing your presentation. What is the demographic of your audience? Prepare for the emotional vibe of your audience. What are they feeling? Spend time thinking about what your audience’s mindset will be on the day and time that you speak to them.

#3. Create the Opener

Studies show that audiences decide if they are going to like your presentation speech within the first 60 seconds.  Create a surprising opening that immediately gets the audience’s attention.

#4. Outline the Heart of The Presentation

  1. Weave your message into this part of your presentation.
  2. Less is more.
  3. Give examples.  
  4. Describe:
  • The Problem
  • The Solution that you are bringing to the problem
  • Results Expected


The closing of the presentation is as important as the opening.  Bring the audience back around to where you started your speech. This is where the presenter makes an ask of audience.


Create the PowerPoint last. The PowerPoint is only a tool to augment your presentation.  Keep the PowerPoint presentation brief and use it for charts, pictures and videos.

Presentation Style:

  • Dress more formally than the audience.
  • Don’t read a script.
  • Fluctuate your voice speed and tone.
  • Don’t focus on using perfect words. Focus on projecting a positive energy

If you are passionate about your message and if you are prepared, you will give a successful presentation. Have fun and enjoy yourself, your audience will have fun too! 

 Tracy Miller, TM Consulting Interview & Presentation Coach

  • Strategic Planning with Council
  • Team Building
  • Interviews and Presentation Coaching
  • Communications Coaching

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“Tracy Miller is a prolific and high energy speaker and her verbal communication exemplified the message of the subject matter. She assertively made the course about the students and their potential listeners through public speaking.  Miller’s course is interactive.”  – POST Quality Assurance Program.

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