Don't type while you are angry

Don’t Type While Angry

When you feel frustrated, disappointed, or angry, do not type. Ever! Do not send an email or text when you are mad. Writing when you are enraged, is the lowest level of communication. Irate texts and emails do not leave the door open for dialogue and prevent the opportunity to resolve the conflict in a healthy manner. Seething or snarky emails and texts memorialize forever the fact that you lost your cool, which will diminish how you are viewed as a leader.

When you find yourself irate:

  1. Pause. Do nothing for 24 hours.  There is power in the pause, and it is very likely that you will view the situation differently the next day.
  2. If possible, approach the person face to face. Ask questions and discuss with the intent to listen.
  3. When an in-person conversation is not possible, then pick up the phone and talk to the person you are angry with.

You will always thank yourself for not typing while angry.

“I couldn’t be more impressed with Tracy Miller. Today she delivered the keynote speech at the California Public Parking Association. Conference and she was amazing. Everyone is saying, ‘Best keynote speaker ever” and I get props for recommending her. She was inspirational, touching, funny and just amazing. I am so glad she was able to present today. She has accomplished so much and she’s just unbelievable.“

— Julie Dixon, National Parking Association

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