Conquer the Fear of Presentations and Promotional Interviews

The fear of public speaking is the greatest fear of human beings. A skilled communicator exudes confidence, decreases retention, increases wellness and boosts morale.

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Tracy Miller speaking at Judge Zidbeck’s enrobing ceremony

Tracy Miller speaking at Judge Zidbeck’s enrobing ceremony

The Power of the Pause

To transform the way you lead, you must push the “Pause Button.” When attorneys, police officers, firefighters, city directors and

Miller method to meetings

When you lead impactful meetings, you will transform your organization Decide a stop time, before the meeting starts. (Should be

Do You Make Decisions Based on Accurate & Timely Information?

Teach your team to provide you trustworthy information promptly. Leaders are often forced to make decisions quickly based on the

Don’t type while angry.

When you feel frustrated, disappointed, or angry, do not type. Ever! Do not send an email or text when you

“You get what you pet.”

We recently hired a dog trainer to provide additional training to our 90-pound Mastiff-Boxer mix, Bauer. It turns out, we

“If you know what you are worth…then go get what you are worth!” – Rocky

I hope that you take a minute to watch this video.  I share it with my clients, whether I am

 “When you beat the doubt within yourself, you will rank #1.”

“I hired Tracy to assist with a promotional interview for a management position. Tracy immediately made me feel comfortable in

Leadership is overrated!

There is so much noise about being a leader in our world today. However; if you want to create real

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