The Power of the Pause

To transform the way you lead, you must push the “Pause Button.” When attorneys, police officers, firefighters, city directors and corporate leaders transition to a management position, we often initially lead by responding to every problem as if it is a crisis. We are accustomed […]

Miller method to meetings

When you lead impactful meetings, you will transform your organization Decide a stop time, before the meeting starts. (Should be 59 minutes or less. When people know the time the meeting will end, they are more likely to be engaged.) Include a training component every […]

“You get what you pet.”

We recently hired a dog trainer to provide additional training to our 90-pound Mastiff-Boxer mix, Bauer. It turns out, we were the ones being trained! The trainer told us, “You get what you Pet.”This statement is also true when communicating with people. Often, we pay […]

Leadership is overrated!

There is so much noise about being a leader in our world today. However; if you want to create real change and become a powerful influence, be the first follower! TM Consulting, Executive Coaching Corporate Presentation Workshops Presentation & Public Speaking Skills Leadership Through Executive […]

Be Curious About Your Audience

Be curious about your audience. Understand who they are before you begin. Whether it is an audience of 1 or 1,000, be present in their space. Then they will listen to anything that you have to say. Tracy Miller – TM Consulting  Presentation & Communication […]