Tracy has coached Judges, Chiefs of Police, Fire Chiefs, Attorneys, City Managers, CEOS to get the career of their dreams, Tracy’s clients have an 87% success rate of ranking #1

Services offered include:

Witness Coaching


Tracy Miller will transform your clients into excellent witnesses. She provides witnesses with the tools and confidence to relate to the jury in a credible and likeable manner. When the jury believes and trusts your clients, they will reward you with a favorable verdict.

Personal One-on-One Interview Coaching

Tracy has coached Judges, Chiefs of Police, Fire Chiefs, Attorneys, City Managers, CEOS to get the career of their dreams, Tracy’s clients have an 87% success rate of ranking #1

Tracy has coached Judges, Chiefs of Police, Fire Chiefs, Attorneys, City Managers, and CEOs to get the career of their dreams, Tracy’s clients have an 87% success rate of ranking #1

  1. Assessment of client’s strengths & weaknesses
  2. Networking Coaching
  3. Evaluation of Interview Panel
  4. Preparation for Inside Promotability Panel
  5. Develop opening and closing for interview
  6. Formula for interview questions
  7. Formula for scenario-based questions
  8. Prepare for critical incident panel
  9. Prepare for community panel
  10. Client will be coached on introductions, non-verbal communication and dress
  11. Client will practice interview questions repeatedly with coach
  12. Client will practice with coach to prepare for outside panel interview, Commanders and Chiefs Panel and all scenario-based panels

Critical Communication for Leaders

Tracy has coached Judges, Chiefs of Police, Fire Chiefs, Attorneys, City Managers, CEOS to get the career of their dreams, Tracy’s clients have an 87% success rate of ranking #1
Online Course

Team Building, Presentation Coaching & Organizational Communication

For the past decade TM Consulting has facilitated hundreds of successful promotional interviews with law enforcement officers.  

In follow-up conversations with promoted leaders, many have learned there are challenges to persuasively communicating with their subordinates, supervisors and the community.  I wanted to change that and created a one-of-a-kind command staff training course.

This is a transformative course designed to enhance and elevate leaders and the way they connect and communicate. 

This course is offered one-on-one or group classes.

Promotional Interview Online Course

Tracy has coached Judges, Chiefs of Police, Fire Chiefs, Attorneys, City Managers, CEOS to get the career of their dreams, Tracy’s clients have an 87% success rate of ranking #1

“When you beat the doubt within yourself, you will rank #1.”

This course includes individual video segments on the topics of:

Once you have purchased the course, you will have access to the course for 14 days. For security purposes, you will only be able to log in on one device.

If you have more questions about the course contact:

Tracy Miller
Expert Communications Coach
(714) 797-5681

This course is for all levels:

Live Course

Post Certified Strategic Communications Course

Change Perceptions By Increasing Your Communication Value

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Online Course

(4) District Attorney Interview Coaching

Tracy Miller was a hiring manager and the top woman in the largest law firm in Orange County California. As a prosecutor for 25 years, she completed over 80 jury trials, managed 155 deputy district attorneys and paralegals, with an office-wide operating budget of 140 million dollars. Tracy serves on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Bar Association and is the co-chair of the OCBA Judiciary Committee, which makes recommendations on judicial applicants to the Governor.

For the past decade, Tracy has been a communications coach, assisting clients obtain the career of their dreams. 

Through this live online course taught by Tracy Miller, you will master:

  • The Opening Interview question
  • The Closing Interview question
  • Scenario-based questions
  • Ethical questions
  • Legal questions
  • Giving an excellent mock Opening and Closing Statements
  • To stand out amongst your competition
  • The final interview with the elected District Attorney



Tracy was an absolutely huge help in preparing me for my interview! I highly recommend her to others who are interviewing. I feel lucky to have worked with her.

Rodney Klassen

Tulare County District Attorney's Office

Tracy is an exceptional person, professional development coach and mentor that helps you bring out the best in you. Her approach for preparing you for the next level, is 'hands down' one of the best in the business. If you want to have the best opportunity for professional growth and success, Tracy Miller is your coach!

Steven Romero

Chief of Police-Select Ontario Police Department-Oregon

A high ranking member of my department suggested I visit Tracy years ago and I didn’t, I thought I knew better. I bombed the next promotional testing process. I finally went to see Tracy and she rocked my world, I was at the top of the Sergeant list. She was worth every penny and I have suggested her to many co-workers. I will definitely see her again in the future.

Brian Gray

Seal Beach Police Department

I hired Tracy to help me prepare for my Captains promotional exam. Preparing me for the oral interviews were a small portion of what she achieved. Tracy was a confident, a mentor and friend She is committed to her clients’ success. I cannot recommend Tracy enough.

Will Deplitch

Hayward Police Captain

I cannot say enough about Tracy. She is kind, motivating and she made me realize my potential. Tracy helped with my Lieutenant interview and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. Tracy is a genuine person. I have recommended her to my partners and will continue to do so. Tracy is the best of the best! She made me feel comfortable telling my story and gave me the confidence that I needed. I highly recommend Tracy and look forward to working with her in the future!

Maria Villegas

Lt., Downey PD

I hired Tracy to assist with a promotional interview for a management position. Tracy immediately made me feel comfortable in talking about myself, something that I really struggle with. I felt as if I was talking to an old friend, although I had just met her. Tracy’s technique for getting a client through the interview process with confidence, professionalism, and poise is remarkable, and I felt 100% assurance as I left the interview room. With Tracy, you not only will have a coach, but a trusted friend for life.

Patricia Flinn

Police Records Manager, Garden Grove Police

I thought I was pretty good at the promotional process and enjoyed some success in the past; however with Tracy's help, I took it to another level and never looked back!

Frank Nunes

Captain, Buena Park Police Department

I cannot thank you enough for all the guidance and interview techniques you shared with me during the Sergeant promotional process! Because of your guidance and expertise, I was able to organize my thoughts and produce the best product of myself. It was reassuring to have you on myside and always being positive and giving me that confidence. I will recommend your services to anyone that wants to get promoted! Thanks again Tracy, because of you I am being promoted to the rank of Sergeant!

Joseph Davenport

Sgt., Buena Park PD

Thank you, Tracy, for all of your time and commitment into preparing for my promotional process. Having tested twice before, I know for a fact that your coaching is what prepared me to be successful resulting in my promotion to battalion Chief!

Nicole Colenli

Anaheim Fire

What I love most about Tracy, first and foremost, as my favorite character quality in leadership, is she has led with tremendous humility. It’s never been about her, it’s always been about the people whom you’ve had the opportunity to touch, to lift, and help create an environment for other people to be successful.

Don Barnes

Orange County Sheriff

Tracy, as I think about you and your contributions…when people look at your career and the legacy you left, it’s going to be about the people you impact.

Rob Kaffl

General Manager- Marketing, Sales & Services, Ford Motor Company

I think of courage. I think of internal fortitude. And demonstrating that. In our various industries, we talk about it. In our private lives, we talk about it. But then there is demonstrating it. And Tracy, is the epitome of that.

Dave Valentin

Santa Ana Police Chief

She asked me to speak at a Ford event and afterwards, we barely knew each other, and she said, “You’re going to be Chief someday.” And I said “Yeah, right.” Then I utilized Tracy Motivates for a couple promotions and here I am sitting in this office right now. Tracy, I have to thank you for that. The impact you’ve she had on so many lives, at so many levels, whether it was police officers, DA’s, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, the Angels, Ford, and all the kids, obviously…is so amazing.

Dan Adams

Orange Police Chief

Character. You are by far #1 when it comes to character. When they say everyone is replaceable, I disagree. Some people come along, they’ll do a good job, but they’re not Tracy Miller.

Tom Kisela

Retired Orange Police Chief

I want to talk about the words I’ve heard describing you already. Passionate. Energetic. Character. They all perfectly describe Tracy.

Stu Greenburg

Tustin Police Chief

Your career with the DA’s office is extremely impressive. You’ve earned the respect of numerous individuals. It’s because you're savvy and you’re capable and you’re a heartwarming individual.

Jorge Cisneros

Anaheim Police Chief

It can’t be measured, the lives you have changed. I look at the huge impact that you had on law enforcement itself with your leadership training. You changed Lieutenant John Reynolds' life. John had a very hard time promoting and then met Tracy. He would never have been a lieutenant if Tracy hadn’t got a hold of him. The impacts you have made on the leadership in our organization is endless and we have people here today that would have never made it without you.

Tom DaRé

Garden Grove Police Chief

Tracy is a true champion for so many youths, so many families, so many police officers, so many probation officers, and it is a testament of your service to the community. You give your all to ensure the best is always in front of you.

Steve Sentman

Orange County Probation Chief

This is a woman of integrity, of honor, of humility. Tracy, you are not only a role model for women, but for everyone, because of who you are with your skills and your compassion.

The Honorable Maria Hernandez

Orange County Superior Court Judge

I have seen Tracy excel in everything she does. She is an exceptional trial attorney. She’s a zealous advocate who is always professional, ethical, and the most prepared attorney in the courtroom. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg once said, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” That is Tracy- a leader who fights for what she believes in and inspires others to join her. She’s inspired police officers, attorneys, corporate partners, and so many others, all with the same goal to make a difference in the community.

The Honorable Cynthia Herrera

Orange County Superior Court Judge

Tracy is a leader wherever you have been.

The Honorable Tom Delaney

Orange County Superior Court Judge

What motivates Tracy? Because if you’ve been coached by her, which I think most of us have, that’s one of her many gems and strategies, you have to know what people’s motivation cards are if you’re trying to persuade them or lead them or talk to them. So, what motivates Tracy? Why are you so inspiring? And it’s that character. The only thing that motivates you is to do the right thing.

Jen Contini


I look at you like a pioneer. Not only with your career at the District Attorney’s office, but in the programs, you brought to our county that have impacted so many people.

Bob Dunn

Fullerton Police Chief

You have had such an amazing career and you performed it with such tremendous integrity and grace. Thank you for being a great leader and mentor.

Dan Hughes

Disney Director of Homeland Security

I truly don’t believe there are any words other than “absolutely incredible” to summarize the amount of lives you have changed. You work hard to develop the future leaders in law enforcement and public safety. Because anything less than perfection would never do in your book, and we all appreciate that.

Tom McKenzie

Placenta Police Sergeant

Tracy is a bridge builder. You build bridges and allow people to come across the things you are working on and are passionate about in a way that accomplishes so much more than any of us could on our own.

Jason Williams

Pastor, Saddleback Church

In 40 years with the Angels and 2 years in Cooperstown, I was privileged to be around a lot of collections of great talent and teams. But I don’t think any of them match the grouping of people, the skill set, and the character that you contribute to. There’s a great quote from Jackie Robinson, one of many that he had, where he said, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on others.” And there are few people that I know and have come across that that truism fits to the degree that it does to Tracy. I’ve always admired and respected your proactive approach instead of a reactive approach.

Tim Mead

Former Angels Vice President of Communication & Former President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Helping hundreds of clients get promoted!


Meet Tracy Miller (Juris Doctorate)

Tracy is a retired Senior Assistant District Attorney with 25 years experience at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Tracy initiated and leads the Orange County Gang Reduction Partnership (OC GRIP), the largest gang prevention program in the United States.

Tracy has prosecuted over 80 jury trials throughout her career and is specialized in sexual assault, domestic violence, and gang crimes. Tracy is a POST certified Instructor and has provided legal trainings to thousands of law enforcement officers in the last two decades.

Tracy is a law enforcement interview coach and hundreds of officers have turned to Tracy to get promoted.  Tracy has a bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University and a Juris doctorate degree from Southwestern University School of Law.

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